The current regulator brand getting rave reviews from the tech crowd is
These are supposed to be highly reliable, good for cold water, easily
serviceable, etc.
I bought one of the last Zeagle branded Apeks DS4 regs with the 50 D
second stage last fall. I've only got a few dives on it, but I like it a
Apeks is now being sold in the US through Seaquest and the selection is
limited and the price is high.
I've heard good reports of people getting them mail-order from at real good prices. This is from Spain supposedly with
the full warranty, but I don't know about getting them serviced here
under warranty.

I'm told that the Apeks regs are easy to service oneself with a little
education and a few tools.

Zeagle has their own design of regs now based closely on the Apeks (from
what I can gather) and I've heard good things about them. I don't know
anyone personally diving with them though (they're very new).

Maybe you're old reg just had a lousy servicing?
I bought the Apeks reg, partly because I wanted to have a spare reg if
one of my regs was in the shop or on the fritz. I'll probably use the
Apeks most of the time and keep my Diverite RG1200 reg for a spare.


Gozum_NT at OIT wrote:
> Guys, my trip to Little Cayman was a blast but it was marred with a
> regulator failure [ free-flow] 20 dives after servicing, it was fine for
> the first 170 dives after purchase .... I finished my safari using a rental
> regulator.
> ANYONE have recommendations for a highly reliable, easy to field service
> regulator, first and second stage, for recreational scuba depths, i.e., 130 ft?
> ANYONE have recommendations for SCUBA repair tools, does a brand make a
> difference?
> I did some of repair using a Leatherman and socket wrenches, but I could do
> better next time.
> Warm regards,
> Marv

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