look into buying a suunto computer.
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Sent: Monday, May 07, 2001 1:30 PM
Subject: Computer/SPG Dilemma

I've been fortunate in mostly needing to buy new equipment as additional
members of my family become certified rather than needing to replace obsolete
or broken equipment.

It's now time to purchase a new A/I computer for me and let my son inherit my
Dataplus.  I have been loooking at the AERIS 500AI ($599), AERIS 300G ($450)

What functionality and features are lost with the  AERIS 300G when compared
to the other two fully integrated computers?  It is quasi-A/I, in that the
analog SPG does couple with the computer(to some extent), but I am not sure
exactly what features are lost versus the fully integrated systems.  OTOH, I
have a degree of concern about relying on a single integrated digital SPG.  
Over the years I have occasionally experienced computer malfunctions, but
have never had a  problem with an analog SPG.

I can purchase a single  backup analog SPG w/console for $89 which offers
redundancy if added to  either of the two  fully integrated computers, or
save significant dollars by just purchasing the Aeris 300G and relying on
it's single analog SPG.

I'd appreciate hearing from the NG on opinions regarding  reliance on a
digital SPG without a backup as well as your thoughts on the three quoted
computers in general.

Thanks a lot