In Tyl Sjok (after inventing some words :-))) I decided that there is
no bias agains mentioning excrement related topics directly, so the
phrase translates to:


  Sjuxun nox xeng jo lu kyngka jun hjyx y at?

Close Translation:
`Please, to be asking: At which place am I allowed to get rid of my
body waste?'


`Body waste' is a really nice word. :-))

  Sjuxun     nox    xeng   jo lu   kyngka  jun  hjyx  y         at?
  [SM.xM(.n) nV(.x) xE.N   jV lM   k1.N.ka jM.n C1.x  1         (?)a.t]
  Request    ask    allow  I  make lost    body waste happen-at WHICH.

Tyl Sjok is (currently) mora-counting so I marked the mora boundaries
by dots or spaces.  Some dialects allow geminates, some don't, the
latter will drop the morae in parentheses.  The glottal stop is not
phonemic (there are no diphthongs) and tends to be dropped, too.


Kyngka jun hjyx y at?

There are many forms of this question: you may or may not drop almost
all the words from the long phrase in front of `kyngka' independently
from each other, they only clarify the meaning or add politeness.
`Lu' is likely not to be dropped, since it is the resultative marker,
unless by very lazy people like me. :-))