On Tue, 29 May 2001, Henrik Theiling wrote:

> But, that's not too amazing since S3 will be agglutinating (actually,
> I'd rather call the highly unspeakable system it uses `inglutinating'
> since the affixes are attached somewhere inside the word (involving
> harmony, of course).  It is inspired by agglutinating languages and
> Semitic vowel insertion).

I think that I'll stick to simple things like Praxian, where the meaning
of a word can depend upon its gender.

/gjum@n&nTi/  "the slave" (of unknown gender, therefore neuter is used)
/gjum@n&ntr/  "the foreigner" (of foreign gender--"tr" is not a typo)
/gjum@n&nTor/  "the Devil worshipper" or "The Red Priest" (of wrong gender)

To indicate apparent sexual gender of a foreigner, the adjectives /wa?en/
(bullish/male) or /?aIren/ (cow-like/female) are used (both with the -en
"foreign" gender singular ending, in this case).