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> Roger Mills <[log in to unmask]> wrote :
>>  The word seems to function as a noun
>>  in the question "dimana dibelakang" 'where's the toilet?"
>What a really beautiful phrase, from the sound point of view that is.
>Definitely more of a "cellar door" (a la Tolkein) than a bog-house door.
>Scots Gaelic, Welsh and Cornish all use phrases that translate as "little
>house" presumably originally referring to the outhouse out back. This is
>of course a trap for in-comers who buy a charming cottage, name it _ty^ bach_
>and wonder why the locals giggle.

Ah good! The Kernow call it "casina", or "little house" as well.
Though, probably unlike Cornwall *here*, there are rather a lot
of them in Kernow *there*!

Yet another excellent opportunity for the Kernow to have a laugh
at those silly Comrow chappies who come down to rent "yn casin",
having in mind a quaint cottage (lla gas is house, lla gasin
cottage) and get rather an unpleasant surprise!