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>Tom Pullman wrote:
>> "Dochuala as borb nad légha."
>What does your signature mean, and what language
>is it?

It's Middle Irish, from a verse somebody sent me - I'm not sure of the author.

Cid glic fri hailchí uara,
Cid saer ag imirt bhéla,
Cid binn a dord fri duana,
Dochuala as borb nad légha.

k'iD' gl'ig' fr'i halx'i u@r@
k'iD' sE:r Eg im'irt' B'E:l_da
k'iD' b'in': a Dor@D fr'i d_duan_da
d_dO"xu@l_d@ as bor@B n_daD l'E:G@

Nice and complicated :) I'm not 100% sure about all of that, but then I don't think anybody is about OI/MI. As far as the meaning goes, here's a literal gloss (again, there may be a few errors here as I'm not formally instructed in it):

Though cunning at stone-blocks cold
Though skillful at wielding of-axe
Though sweet his voice at song
I-have-heard that-is dull who-does-not read.

The translation I was provided with:

Though one be cunning at cold blocks of stone,
Though one be a master-wright at wielding the axe,
Though sweet his voice in singing songs,
I have heard he is dull who does not read.

And now again for your viewing pleasure:


   Tom Pullman

"Dochuala as borb nad légha."

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