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>those that've expressed interest in a new relay so far, to my knowledge:
>Robert Hailman
>Dirk Elzinga - Shemspreg
>Roger Mills
>Padraic Brown
>Jesse Bangs
>Herman Miller - Czirehlat
>Tom Pullman?

At the moment I'd say not really, as Darmakke doesn't have enough flesh on the bones yet. However, in a couple of weeks I'll have nothing to do for a while, so it might suddenly flower into a completer existence.

>Daniel Andreasson
>Yoon Ha Lee
>Daniel Seriff - Mungayöd, Glďzxföösee
>Frank G. Válóczy  - Dalmatian (acutes, yes?  I remember you mentioning that
>your mailer can't handle them.  Tragedy.)
> I could swear I should know who this person is.  I hang
>my head in shame.
>This, I believe, will be the fourth:
>Irina's Starling Song
>Sally's Wisdom Of Bast
>Nicole's Bliss
>And then mine.  If I recall, there was a phonology relay of some sort, but
>it seems to have vanished from the face of the list with no evidence of its
>P.S.:Sally, I love the setup you've done for your Second Relay website.
>It's really great seeing these things in their full splendour.  I love


   Tom Pullman

"Dochuala as borb nad légha."

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