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>On Wed, 30 May 2001, Padraic Brown wrote:
>> gets the smooth translation: "That courteous and astute lad had so
>> captured the attention of everyone that no one in King Mark's hall
>> moved." as well as the more word-for-word "The lad [so] courteous and sharp
>> the eyes of one and all he captured that not one in the hall of King
>> Mark moved himself at all."
>Actually, the latter scans better if one is doing English poetry.  The
>former is fine for a remarkably dry prose version.  There's actually a
>lot of Norman French surviving in English, albeit relegated to poetic use.

Indeed. Six-four-four stress pattern and all three lines rhyme!

Anyway, the idea was to give you a taste of how Kerno sounds
to a Kerno speaker (or hearer of the story). It just happens
to come out curiously in English.