On Wed, 30 May 2001, Andreas Johansson wrote:

>O'Connell James wrote:
>>Unfortunately, I doubt you could find a passage of the
>>Silmarillion that I do not know :)
>>What aout translating one of the more obscure pieces
>>of Elvish. Like Cirion's Oath for example, which I
>>think is in the Unfinished Tales.
>I better be at the end of the line then. Cirion's Oath would have to be very
>mangled if I weren't to recognize it, and I'm not exactly the only (nor the
>worst) Elivsh freak on this list.

Perhaps Tolkien _wouldn't_ be a just text to use. Thus far,
all the texts given have been total surprises until the
very end of the game. Though I like the idea of using a
known text; this sort of game works best if the originator
of the game writes the text for translation.


>                                                Andreas