> From: Andreas Johansson
> O'Connell James wrote:
> >Unfortunately, I doubt you could find a passage of the
> >Silmarillion that I do not know :)
> >What aout translating one of the more obscure pieces
> >of Elvish. Like Cirion's Oath for example, which I
> >think is in the Unfinished Tales.
> I better be at the end of the line then. Cirion's Oath would have
> to be very
> mangled if I weren't to recognize it, and I'm not exactly the
> only (nor the
> worst) Elivsh freak on this list.

I would have to disqualify myself if Cirion's Oath were used, I have already
translated it into amman iar.

Another Elvish freak!

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David E. Bell
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