I'm not playing. My language is not well enough developed.
However, what about a conversation.  For Ex, Meet the folks,
greet a old friend.  have kids pester an old adult for a
"God does not throw dice" Albert Einstein

"Oh yes, he does throw dice" Skye Masterson

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: No! Poetry is so culturally laden that people with languages
: embedded in a fairly well thought out culture would be hard
: pressed to make it fit (remember the discussion we had a while
: ago about the Declaration of Human Rights?). I would strongly
: prefer that the relay text not be poetry for this reason.

This is a good point.
Thinking about Tolkien, I've noticed that he tends to use a great deal of
proper nouns.  These might be fun to mangle across languages, but they're
perhaps less fun than native words.  (Though he does tend to provide
etymologies - if no one objects, the names could be translated and borrowed
both, to see the differing effects.)  I think, if we were to go with this
Tolkien thing, then a snippet of the Silmarillion would likely be the best
option, or the wonderful Books of Lost Tales.  In fact, in the process of
writing this mail, I've found a passage that seems to be sufficiently long
and interesting, and in a way sort of conlangy as well.    So, I'll start my
portion of the relay, and begin compiling a list of participants.  Here are
those that've expressed interest in a new relay so far, to my knowledge:

Robert Hailman
Dirk Elzinga - Shemspreg
Roger Mills
Padraic Brown
Jesse Bangs
Herman Miller - Czirehlat
Tom Pullman?
Daniel Andreasson
Yoon Ha Lee
Daniel Seriff - Mungayd, Glzxfsee
Frank G. Vlczy  - Dalmatian (acutes, yes?  I remember you mentioning that
your mailer can't handle them.  Tragedy.) I could swear I should know who this person is.  I hang
my head in shame.

This, I believe, will be the fourth:
Irina's Starling Song
Sally's Wisdom Of Bast
Nicole's Bliss
And then mine.  If I recall, there was a phonology relay of some sort, but
it seems to have vanished from the face of the list with no evidence of its


P.S.:Sally, I love the setup you've done for your Second Relay website.
It's really great seeing these things in their full splendour.  I love