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> This is conceivable, but it
>leads to the bizarre conclusion that as our society becomes more
>accepting, homosexuality will become less frequent as the genes are
>removed from the gene pool.  In either case, I don't think homosexuality
>is genetically determined.

This assumes that you have a certain gene controlling sexuality. Many
human diseases and traits span several genes, not just one specific gene
as flowers versus white.

I think it may be part genentic, part chemical, and possibly environmental
(my family is very accepting of my homosexuality. I have a twin who is
fraternal, but he's straight as an arrow). The environmental (full
environmental theory) seems to backfire with people who are gay and come
from very strict anti-homosexual environments. I've heard that the
instances of identical twins both being homosexual is higher than two
fraternal ones. This leads me to think it's part genetic.


At the end of it all lies of course the final phenomenon of
 deterioration-entropy-which is a predictable deterioration
 when the creative energy ceases: everything has to fall apart.

- from: "Haunted" Poe