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> No problem.  Aloyen is actually an assumed name that I made up
> many years ago when I realized that my real name, and my then
> current alias, were both already too heavily used when I first began
> to get online (1989).
> It's a revamp of a name I used in a Roleplaying game - I liked the
> way the name singed.  Since then my friends have usually call me
> Aloyen rather than by my real one (Roger) to keep me from being
> confused with another person (also called Roger.  :-) )

Damn semantic differences between languages!!! When French people say "nom":
"name", they normally mean "last name", or "full name". I see now that
English-speaking people see "name" more as "first name". I used "name" with the
French semantic field and was refering to your last name :) . Sorry to have made
myself misunderstood.

> Kj'Rin means "spirit speech" in Kj'Rin and mya$talyg actually
> means "we talk" in mya$talyg.  I've found the easiest way to name
> a language is to make the language and then to decide how that
> language would describe it's language.

Me too. But usually I hardly get far enough to be able to do that, and anyway I
find it rather boring to call every language after their word for "language" or
"speech", or any variation. I usually try to find more original ways. Note that
it is not a critic directed to you but just an account of my personal taste.