Christophe Grandsire wrote:
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> >
> > Easily handled. Whoever comes immediately before Frank must (if
> > his language includes diacritics) send an ASCII version. I.e.,
> > replace [a-acute] with a', [s-carrot] with s^. That sort of thing.
> > If Dalmatian uses diacritics that Frank can't create with his
> > mailer, he'll have to do something similar for the next person.
> >
> Exactly what I did with Chasmäöcho (where all those " signs should really be
> umlauts over the vowels in the Translation Relay of Sally Caves), or what Rob
> Nierse had to do with Gbwia so that I could read it correctly.

Christophe, I can change that if you want.  I did it for Nik.  But I
had the directions that you gave me.  If it was typed in ascii and I
notified ahead of time that " was an umlaut mark, I just borrowed it
HTML as it was.  I tried to touch your email texts as little as possible
when I webbed them.

Do you want me to change them?

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