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>Click on the above and read the first three paragraphs.  That should
>be fairly succinct.

Thanks Sally! Count me in with Iltārer, please. The explanation says:

"No "smooth" translations are allowed in the Game. A glossary is allowed,
and/or an interlinear analysis. A participant may query the preceding
conlanger about his or her text and instructions, if there are difficulties
or misunderstandings, but may not receive a sustained translation."

I take this to mean that we provide a lexical gloss of the words, along
with notation of their grammatical forms, but leave the translator to
render the sentences into natural, idiomatic utterances in the target
language. So the translator receives about the amount of help one would
have translating a foreign text with a lexicon and grammar book, but no
access to native speakers, other translations, etc. Am I on track?

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