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> Christophe, I can change that if you want.  I did it for Nik.  But I
> only
> had the directions that you gave me.  If it was typed in ascii and I
> wasn't
> notified ahead of time that " was an umlaut mark, I just borrowed it
> into
> HTML as it was.  I tried to touch your email texts as little as possible
> when I webbed them.
> Do you want me to change them?

Yes please. I hadn't checked your site for lack of time yet, so I didn't know
that. I'm sorry I forgot to notify you that " was used instead of the umlaut
only because at that time, the computer I worked on made it impossible to use
diacritics. As soon as I can, I will check your site to see if there's any other
problem, but I think this change should be the only one needed.

Thank you very much.

> "The relays have retractible typos."

:))))))))))))))))))))))) <rolling on the floor from laughter>