> Can <prologue> and <epilogue> also be used within the body (<body> ...
> </body>) of the text, and not just in the front or back matter
> respectively? The description of these tags in the Guidelines seems to
> suggest that they're restricted to front/back matter.

That is correct.

> Of course, <div1 type="prologue"> etc is an alternative option if one
> wants to keep the prologue out of the front matter and joined with the
> rest in the <body>. But then you've got to give a name to the "middle
> part" of a drama.
> And what do you call the part of a drama between the prologue and
> the epilogue? Body as well?

What you call your div types is up to you. I can think of lots of nasty
cases where what looks like a prologue not only turns out to be part of
the play, but keeps onm popping up again in the middle (see for example
the interruptions of the Christopher Sly scenes in Taming of the Shrew, or
the framing scenes in the Dekker's Shoemakers comedy and a dozen others
of that ilk)

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