>I assume that where a line in a stanzaic drama is split between two
>speakers, the part= attribute has by necessity to be used on both line and
>line-group. Correct?

Yes, I think so.

>Q: Has _n="1"_ to be repeated the second time (in the Damsel's speech,
>as shown above) or will the number be inherited, ie can be omitted the
>second time?
>Same question for TYPE.

I think that n= and type=, in general, can and should be omitted from
all but the first partial element of an aggregate element. There are
advantages and disadvantages, though.
*       Specifying an attribute on each partial element of an aggregate
        element allows software to check that the values are the same
        and flag an error if they are different.
*       If you didn't specify them, you wouldn't have to worry that they
        might be different.
At the WWP we would not repeat the n= attribute, but we would repeat
the type= attribute, as in our DTD it is #REQUIRED.

>If a pagebreak occurs within a stanza, should the stanza then be split up
>in parts as well?