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<<  >Zhul (ZHOOL)
    >Ramgur (rahm-GOOR)

... which doesn't tell me whether "oo" is supposed to be /u/ in the first
and /U/ in the second (as the angloclony might lead to expect: <fool>,
<poor>), or only one of those vowels in both cases (as I expect is meant?).


    >Genbon (gehn-BOHN)
    >Chatuzoteri (chah-too-zoh-TEH-ree)

.. which leaves me no clear idea of the pronunciation of Druni <o> at all. >>

    I get it: "a", "e", "i", "o" and "u" are pronounced /A/, /e/, /i/, /o/,
/u/.  Seemed clear enough to me.