> Whoops, sent this offlist accidentally. Damn microsoft!!

On the subject of damning MS, couldja possbly turn HTML off? It makes it a
bugger for some to read, and a bugger for others of us to reply to without
it being sent back in HTML format.

> Really?? Oh my god! I'd never noticed, really. And then on top of that you
> must have dialectal forms. I can't think of any offhand but I know the
> Warwickshire dialect preserves some odd old irregulars. How strange that
> never pay attention to our own language!

To my knowledge, Aussie has no irregular irregulars, unless youse wanna
consider attaching an objective pronoun to the verb one (like 'stop it'
/'stQp@t/, 'could you' /kudZ@/).

> Oh, yep. I'd say drag , drug, druggen instead of drag, dragged, dragged.
> Pure Warwickshire drawl!

Although now you'll probly have me saying this now. It just sounds right
(except mebbe the 'druggen') ...