In amman iar:

"Behold! From Hell's dark sisterhood am I, and War and Death are in my
elo! ner anvir orvenel hislothian vorgalen tulliarth, na authar na orgoir
virner cemmar!

\t elo!   ner       (eleth)            anvir             orvenel
\m elo    ner  -0    el-        -eth   an         vir    or=    menel
\g behold I    -[S]  assertive- -past of.the compl= heaven
\p interj 1per -abs  mood-      -tense ptp        id/ass pfx=   n
\x behold I          did                          of_the hell

\t hislothian                vorgalen            tulliarth
\m hisil  =oth        -ian   ve-    or=    calen tullo -ia      -rth
\g sister =collection -from  descr- compl= light come  -pat/thm -state
\p n      =nsfx       -ablat adj-   pfx=   n     v     -val     -vc
\x from_sisterhood           dark                come

\t na   authar            na   orgoir
\m na   autho    =dar     na   or=    coir
\g and  make.war =general and  compl= life
\p conj v        =nsfx    conj pfx=   n
\x and  war               and  death

\t virner      cemmar
\m vir    ner  cam  -i   -ar
\g of.the I    hand -plu -in
\p id/ass 1per n    -num -iness
\x of_my       in_hands

Stay curious,

David E. Bell
The Gray Wizard

Wisdom begins in wonder.