In Eviendadhail:

"T!  El sarsnr nar sds lir,
 araz  thaug el ilcenail lailidh!"

I should have done an interlinear, but I'm lazy...;-)

t - behold, interj of surprise
el - to be
sar - case prefix meaning 'from', in a literal sense. (some form of
sn - sibling
r - partative ending, when used with people siignifies a group
(sarsnr is literally, 'from some siblings'.)
nar - dark
 - ungendered ending, agrees with 'sn'
s - possesive case prefix (Note that possive is NOT the same as
genative in Eviendadhail.)
ds - hell.  The Mrrail religion is relatively unknown, as I, being
religious, tend to stay away from that.  I was going to transliterate
'Hell', but that would give 'el', a stem relating to being or
existence.  Instead, I transliterated 'Hades', which seemed appropriate,
given the Greek origin of the passage.
lir - 1st person, present conjugal ending. Note that adverbs are infixed
in verbs.
 - and in almost any english sense of the word
 - accusative prefix
araz - war
thaug - death
il - case prefix meaning 'in' (some form of ablative or locative?)
cen - hand
ail - plural ending
lailidh - 3rd person-abstract, passive, present conjugal ending. Note
that adverbs are infixed in verbs.

Note that word order almost never matters in Eviendadhail, but OSV tends
to be the 'proper' way of speaking.

Note that I like to say 'note that'.


daniel andreasson wrote:
> This makes for a nice translation exercise.
>    "Behold! From Hell's dark sisterhood am I,
>     and War and Death are in my hand!"