Shreyas Sampat wrote:

> I was struck by the motto in David Bell's sig just now,
> "Wisdom begins in wonder."

In Cein:

   "Ies nul nen nuliestil"


   ies        nul       nen   nuliestil
   begin:PRS  knowledge with  curiosity
  'Wisdom begins with curiosity.'


ies - 'begin', must not be confused with _iest_ 'want, wish'
      which is a noun and a borrowing from Sindarin. The modal
      verb is _self_ 'to want', derived from Quenya _selma_.

nul - 'wisdom' is the wisdom you gain from knowledge and long
      study, which seemed more appropriate here. _Nowl_ is also
      best translated 'wisdom' but is rather 'wisdom of secret

nen - is originally an instrumental preposition, but can also
      be used for comitative constructions.

nuliestil - 'curiosity' is formed of _nul_ 'knowledge', _iest_
            'want' and the present participle _-il_ and means
            literally 'knowledge-wanting'. The corresponding
            adjective 'curious' is _nulieist_.

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