I still have yet to play any of the games in the series.  Anyway, I usually
don't trust movies based on video games.  We had _Dungeons & Dragons_


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|    hey all,
|      If you wanted to see Tomb Raider, but haven't
| yet, I recommend you wait until it hits the $0.99
| rental bin at the local video rental place. The only
| thing going for it are Angelina Jolie's boobs - a
| total waste on a fag like me. They spent too much
| money on sets, location, and wonderbras, and not
| enough on the story. It sucks.
|    ObConlang: How do you say that something "sucks" in
| your lang? That is, how do you express bad quality or
| whatever in slang in your conlang?
|      Aidan
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