Well I'm finally updating the homepage today.  I got a few questions...

First of all, I have the history of the Techian elves and the Tech language
vaguely divided into three major ages:

1) Primeval Tech: ?-8000 BCE, location Atlantis (a much less politically correct
version than the Disney version I'm sure), and the First Diaspora after the fall
of the island lying east of North America.

2) Medieval Tech: 8000 BCE-2000 CE, location Egypt, and the Second Diaspora
which happened first with the spread of Islam, and again with Western

3) Modern Tech: 2000 and afterwards: the emergence of a common Techian
ethnicity, spread throughout the world with headquarters in New York.  The Tech
language becomes standardized.

Also, there are the Orcs, who are at the time of the story at war with America
and based in Antarctica.  They have more in common with earlier forms of
humanity, maybe _homo erectus_ or Neanderthal man.

My question about the Orc language: which is more likely?

1) The Orcs have a rudimentary native language with a small vocabulary and
simple grammar.

2) The Orcs have adapted a human language for themselves.  I'm using a mix of
Latin and English.

3) The Orcs communicate with just random grunts.

Any input is appreciated...


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