Malglico!  Now THAT is marvelous!  Can I
borrow that into Teonaht?  Teonaht borrows
shamelessly, but I thought I'd ask first.

Malggliko, n, "anglocentric" construction.
malgglikoht, adj.  linguistically anglocentric.

Anglo, of course, means the culture, not necessarily
the language, but it sort of fits here.
Sally Caves
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> Aidan Grey scripsit:
> >    ObConlang: How do you say that something "sucks" in
> > your lang? That is, how do you express bad quality or
> > whatever in slang in your conlang?
> In Lojban, as I have posted before, *anything* can become an obscenity
> by prefixing it with "mal-".  Correspondingly, there is "zan-" for
> the favorable sense of something.
> Thus, "malkalci" would be "shit", "kalci" merely "feces", and
> "zankalci" would be "manure, fertilizer".
> The Lojban community uses the term "malglico", meaning "objectionably
> English", to refer to inappropriate Englishisms in Lojban.
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