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| I would be tempted to say that the Orcs actually have a language that's
| wholly human at first glance, but did not develop from any human language.

That's the opinion I'm leading toward.   I'm thinking a butchered form of
English and Latin.  My worry is that I'll end up imitating an existing creole or
pidgin, and thus compare the savage, sub-human Orcs to a real-world human

Orcan names will tend to reflect Greek or Latin names.  One of the lead
characters in "FourHorse" is an Orc named George, which in his tongue is
probably pronounced something like "Zord".

| On nonhuman tongues in general:
| These seem to be rare birds in the conlang world.  How many are there flying
| around?
| At one point I had a conlang for very long-lived beings who had a longevity
| gender system; humans fell under 'transient', the same category as mayflies
| and sea turtles.  I lost my otes on it, though.

Well, do you consider Tolkien's Elves human?  And, fortunately, my Orcs don't
fly. ;)


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