Print's a bit late but here is the elenyo

ré! tuntinúna manaenhas manillús Fildyas ni a lé
gassan allá yachen yú eleht illé fann.

Note I translated hell as 'Fildya's home' as in Elenyo
culture Fildya, one of the deified brothers, is
responsible for all mischief in the word.

--- Josh Roth <[log in to unmask]> wrote: > In a message
dated 6/15/01 9:52:12 PM,
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> >Here's an Eloshtan version of Ray's more literal
> Aeneid translation, and
> >Sally's line.
> >
> >"Look again at these things! I am here from the
> abode of the fearsome
> >sisters; I bear wars and death in my hand"
> >(and swords and warriors in my iron womb)
> >
> >Cezek kezekel llefenes mafaglanoskov! Lla glicim vi
> gwozuswok ik ell'likel
> >tefk palanto sellim; nuk myo vi welyim tem rejji
> vill, vi wok zayak vi
> >tem
> >hente snuqontol villifk.
> >
> >cezek   keze.k.el
> >this.PL thing.PL.M again/repeat.SUB.2
> look.SUB.2.PL.CONJ
> Woops - that should be "mafaglanosov," without the
> -k.
> Josh Roth

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