Patrick Dunn wrote:
> Is there an PIE paradigm somewhere on the web, by any chance?

Perhaps.  But, I don't know of any site.  However, my "The World's Major
Languages" gives the following as one reconstruction of the PIE noun
paradigm (according to Szemernyi, 1980):

    Sing            Dual       Plural
Nom -s, 0           -e, -/-i  -es
Voc 0               -e, -/-i  -es
Acc -m/-m=          -e, -/-i  -ns/-n=s
Gen -es/-os/-s      -ous? -s? -om/-m
Abl -es/-os/-s;     -bhy, -m -bh(y)os, -mos
Dat -ei             -bhy, -m -bh(y)os, -mos
Loc -i              -ou        -su
Ins -e/-o, -bhi/-mi -bhy, -m -bhis/-mis, -is
Copied exactly, except that macrons are rendered with circumflexes, and
= should be a circle under the letter.

And goes on to say: "These endings represent a composite set of
possibilities for the Proto-Indo-European noun; no single form reflects
them all."

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