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> Are the differences in orthography a matter of religious controversy,
> then?  :-)

No, as long as only the already existing ideograms (there's a limited number of
them, but I cannot remember how many :) ) are used. The Sky People consider
writing not as a way to keep things on stone or paper (except for ornamental
value), but as a reminder of things you learn by heart. I mean that, at least in
the time I describe the Sky People, they value memory more than writing. So
everything has to be learnt by heart, and writings are there only for help to
remind people of what they've learnt. Thus writing needn't be accurate, as long
as the principal things to be reminded (the stems) are accurately representated.
So the quarrels between the different writing schools are rather about what is
best to trigger memory: phonetic writing, semantic writing, or a mix of both.

Is there any example of a human civilisation that has writing but values more
learning by heart and uses writing only as a mean to help and refresh memory
when needed?