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> A final story about the Dutch, and then I'll shut up:  When I quit the
> previously mentioned job with the Dutch Co. in NYC, in order to finish
> college, I explained to the boss that I was interested in getting into
> international business of some sort.  Boss was either Swiss or Danish
> (likely the latter, judging from his rather wicked sense of humor).  He
> advised me:  "You know, those Dutch guys come over here and we take them
> all
> around, to the Four Seasons, whatever.  When we go to Holland,  we're
> invited to their home.  The wife keeps the key to the liquor cabinet,
> and we
> get a cup of tea and a cookie."
> All this was a long, long time ago, and I'm sure the Dutch aren't like
> that
> anymore :-)

Well, when I visit my boyfriend's relatives, that's what we get if we don't have
diner with them. Occasionnally a beer, but I don't drink that much beer, so I
don't care really. I consider that to be good hospitality enough. At least Dutch
people treat you friendly.

BTW, are you sure the boss wasn't French? Going to someone's home, being welcome
and well treated, and still finding something to complain about. That's a very
French attitude you know :))) .