Aidan Grey wrote:

>   Has anyone ever created a word, or modified it,
> because of what it should sound like
> onomatopoietically? An example from Aelya:
>   Q. quoro- 'choke' should become por, according to
> the rules, but instead became chor, because the velar
> ch /x/ sounds more like a choking sound.

In Aredos "to hiccup" is iurucare, supposedly reminiscent of the sound. The
noun derived from this is iurucom. In Carashan the verb is jorcar, while the
noun is yuruco, preserving the onomatopoea, the expected form would be


La plus belle fois qu'on m'a dit
          "je t'aime"
                   c'était un mec
                             qui me l'a dit...
Francis Lalane