I hope someone can help me on the following, various, problems I came
across when validating an XML TEI file with emacs:

1. Emacs considers <p> and <list> within <argument> as invalid and doesn't
offer either as insertable elements.

This happens with virtually all the different types of DTDs (SGML, XML,
Lite[?] and 'Non-Lite').

My DTD seems to be alright. Both <p> and <list> are given as possible
content of <argument>.

My tagging seems to be alright as well (and follows one of the examples in
the Guidelines):
        <div1><head>Chapter Title</head>
        <argument><p>Summary of Chapter</p></argument>
        <div2> ... </div2>
        ... further div2's ...

Where's the mistake, or is there a bug somewhere?

2. Notation of empty elements

I suppose I'm the 1273rd user to ask this: With XML TEI, should I write
<pb> or <pb/>?
Emacs complains about <pb> (no tag omissability etc).

Should I completely switch over to <pb/>? What can I do if I start off
the transcription with a word processor (I'm not happy using emacs for
this) and already have <pb n="175">, which it is impossible to just search
and replace. Do I have to do make the change manually?

[Note to the editors of the Guidelines: I couldn't find anything on this
in the Guidelines (all the versions I've got). A paragraph on notation -
forward slash or no - would be extremely helpful.]

3. Modification of an element's attribute with the Pizza Chef

Somewhat to my surprise I successfully managed to add an attribute to an
element, using the Pizza Chef. With one tiny restriction: I ended up with
having both the modified and the standard element declarations in the DTD
file, in different places. I deleted the old declaration manually to make
emacs happy but I wonder what went wrong.

4. Number of displayed errors in emacs

Emacs restricts the number of errors to 200 (I had loads of empty elements
in my text, which pushed the number of mistakes well over 200 and made up
for about 98% of the mistakes). It says this can be changed with the -E option
[?]. I can't find anything about such an option.

5. Declaring character entities with an ISO set

This has been troubling me for ages, and I've been fiddling around with
all kinds of formats within the DTD's declaration section. Nothing works,
emacs just won't recognize character entities in my text, unless I declare
them individually (<!ENTITY acirc "[acirc]"> vel sim.). I do want to use
the ISO entity sets, or an equivalent.

I've tried:
- the 'standard invocation'
        <!ENTITY % ISOlat1 PUBLIC "ISO 8879-1986//ENTITIES Added Latin 1//EN">
  Emacs complained about the bit following the ">". I deleted it. It
  didn't work.

- I replaced the Public ID with a System URI
        <!ENTITY % ISOlat1 SYSTEM "a:/isolat1.ent">
  Didn't work either.

- Then I just copied one of the entity declarations from the ISOlat1
  file (and deleted the comment after the replacement characters):
        <!ENTITY auml SDATA "[auml]">
  Emacs gave a warning about "SDATA", which I deleted.

- The final, individual, declaration worked, but it's not what I wish to
  do if I need a lot of these character entities:
        <!ENTITY auml "[auml]">

I've just noticed that I didn't specify 'standalone="no" in the XML
declaration, but this is supposed to be the default, so it shouldn't be a
problem. I didn't specify a character encoding either.

I'm out of my depth.

I would be grateful for any advice.

Ingo Mittendorf
Univ. of Cambridge, Dept. of Linguistics