Just two simple questions:

Why does the RESP attribute sometimes take an IDREF value, and sometimes
CDATA (compare for instance HAND and HANDSHIFT)? Is there a reason behind

In the Guidelines' section on attributes (2.6), one of the mentioned
default values is CURRENT. This never seems to turn up in the element
definitions. On the other hand, there are lots and lots of INHERITED
default values in the definitions; this type does not appear in the
attribute section. Are both the same?

Would be grateful for elucidation.

Ingo Mittendorf
(University of Cambridge, Department of Linguistics)

PS (to the authors of the Guidelines):

I would welcome a complete (!) list of value types and default value
types in the attribute section, with a description. Can be quite succinct.
Also a list of the most common elements belonging to those types.

After all, this is the section where you turn to if you want to find out
all about attributes, so everything about attributes should be in there.

One other thing: wherever attributes are presented that take IDREF(S),
this should ALWAYS be explicitly mentioned, as this type of attribute,
unlike others, may require further action (namely, giving the ID for the
IDREF elsewhere).