Hi Aidan!

I'd like to participate in this, especially if the deadline is not too
soon. August maybe? Also, are you interested in submissions in conlang
scipt, or just Roman transliteration?

Cheers, Tom

At 03:05 PM 7/1/01 , you wrote:
>   Okay, this has been tried before, but I'm hoping
>there's more interest in it now. I'd like to put
>together a conculture/conlang cookbook. here's what
>I'm looking for:
>   - some info about the culture
>   - some info about their foods (e.g. Szechuan uses
>lots of fish and tends toward the spicy end. Of
>course, I'd like more info than this...)
>   - at least three characteristic or traditional
>recipes, in the Conlang as well as an adaptation into
>   I'll post an example of some of this for Aelya if
>people are interested.
>   The result, if it happens (I'd like at least 15
>different cultures in order to make it worthwhile),
>will be e-published, for printing on the user's end. I
>may put up a website too, if the interest is there. I
>will also produce print versions at my end for sale.
>   I hope we can make this work this time (I WILL be
>retrieving recipes from previous attempts from the
>      Aidan
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