Christian Thalmann sikayal:

> > The uvular R is very easy for me to pronounce (of
> > course I grew up with that sound), and seems to flow
> > well in such words as quatre and prendre. But in words
> > like raccoucher and pere I REALLY want to voice it.
> Isn't uvular /R/ always voiced?  Otherwise you'd have
> uvular /X/.

And you do, in the words that he mentioned.  If I understand French
phonology correctly, the /R/ is devoiced adjacent to a voiceless
consonant, so {quatre} is [kwatX] (or is it [katX]?), and {prendre} is
[pXend], or something like that.  My French spelling is pretty much
nonexistent, so I don't know exactly how those should be pronounced, but
I'm very sure about the [tX] and [pX].

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