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>> Probably because a-dropping <ae> is from the Latin <ae> diphthong, which,
>> IIRC, became pronounced <e> everywhere anyway.  <aero-> is from Greek
>> <ae:r>.
>Doesn't (a)esthetic come from Greek? And (o)esophogus, and onamatopo(e)ic?

Yes, but from the Greek *diphthongs* <ai> and <oi>.  There wasn't a diphthong
in <ae:r>/<aer->.  (BTW, I'm not aware of vowel-dropping in <onomatopoeia> and

>> > Also, does anyone know Webster's logic behind respelling 'colour' as
>> > "color", but not 'source' as "sorce", which, being a stressed vowel,
>> > would need it more, IMHO.
>> My impression is that it's because the vowel in <colo[u]r> is not the same
>> as the vowel in <source> [in General-American, anyway].  But I think it
>> might have been that only final <-our> that was respelled.
>No, you see, my point was, the spelling of @ isn't very important, and
>yet -our was revised to -or.

Perhaps it's just reaction against spelling the 'simple' sound /r=/ with a


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