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> I'm curious:  has anyone ever tried to make a globe of a con-planet?  I'd
> like to try and have several ideas, but thought I'd ask before re-inventing
> the wheel......
> For a first effort, I'm thinking of buying a largish beach ball and painting
> on it, but I can see how getting the lat. and long.lines straight and
> accurate might be a problem; or creating paper gores and pasting them on
> (the professional way I think). etc. etc.
> Is it possible to buy a blank globe, with lat. and long. already imprinted?
> Any suggestions?

It seems to me that using something inflated like a beach ball would be
asking for trouble since eventually it would start to deflate... A rigid
sphere of some sort would be better, but I have no idea where you'd find
one.  Doing the drawing on paper and then pasting them to the globe seems
like the best way to go.  If you dont care about having lat. & long. lines
it might be easier to paint/draw directly on the globe since you'd have a
better idea of what the final product will look like than if you were
drawing on gores and pasting them onto the globe.

my $.02,


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