Luca Mangiat wrote:

>The English name of the language will (better: should) be Senquarian, from
>the native toponym _Senquar_, a flat region situated in the middle of the
>Carmian subcontinent (Where is it??? In my conworld! Rather obvious, isn't
>it?). The native name of the language is still unknown. In these notes I
>will try to describe the dialectal variety spoken around the greatest town
>of the Senquar country, _Ismád_, which is also the capital town of the
>kingdom, and in the surrounding area, the _Cîrém_ province.
>Ok, the names sound stupid, I know... >

No they don't.
>There are 24 consonat phonemes:
>Plosive s p  b  t   d    k   g  q   G
>Nasals  m  n    N
>Fricatives f   v  s     S   Z      h
>Affricates   ts    tS  dZ
>Liquids w  r   l  j>

Considerations of symmetry might suggest there ought to be /z/ and /dz/
too-- but perhaps something happened to them along the way?  Merged with
/Z/,/dZ/ maybe?

>fricatives f or s  r: fressë....

Geminate /s/?

>Let me know what you think so far...

Mi piace.