May have been me, I've certainly recommended Apeks to a number of folks on
this list (and the tech list).  Not wishing to take the credit though if it
belongs to someone else.

I wrote a long reply to your original email but decided I didn't have the
time or inclination to get into a long debate about DIR or civility (which
I'm sure my reply (though quite civil) would illicit).  The gist was the
squeeky wheel gets the grease and it's the information thats important not
the delivery (the inability to seperate shows a lack of maturity, not
accusing you of that BTW).  Anyone who wants "information" on DIR diving
can visit my web site and follow the links...

Anyone who wants an argument can visit the tech list  :-)

At 11:55 4/07/2001 +1000, you wrote:
>On Wednesday, July 04, 2001 1:02 AM, Marv, (Gozum_NT at OIT) wrote:
>> On passing let me thank you for your Apeks recommendations which settled
>> mind to pursue a TX50 with 40 octo!
>G'Day, Marv!  I'm happy to take the credit - but it weren't me!  :-)
>(I'm still happy with my 'Commander' regulators, made here in Oz by
>Sea-Hornet, and that - while being a little on the 'clunky' side - are
>almost indestructible and give a maximum flow rate of about 1400 litres per
>minute.  But I'll certainly consider the Apeks when these finally give up
>the ghost!)  :-)


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