Very much so.  DAN data shows most accidents occur when a diver has < 21
and > 100 dives, defining novice and experienced divers therein.  A diver
who gets 100 dives in 1 year versus 100 dives in 10 years, the 1 year diver
is considered more experienced.

The solution is experienced divers must plan a strict protocol of checking
and crossing checking their gear and following a dive plan, like they were
OW students again, and best if they cultivate a sense of paranoia about
water, and thus are always on their gaurd.

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> > BTW, just as a side note:  Thought:  Do those of you who dive deeper, feel
> > that you get complacent on the shallow stuff?  Just curious.
>Yep, more often than I'd like to admit...

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