> Ultimately, properly written software (of which there is very little) will
> take the _language_ of its interface out of a configuration file or
> property list, which anybody who speaks language X can put together; so
> (for example) MicroSoft word could have interfaces in English, French,
> Chinese, Esperanto and Interlingua without any problems. Of course, it
> doesn't. (*)

It's hard to do -- you have to dynamically resize dialog boxes.  It's a lot
easier if you are using HTML for an interface, as Google is doing.

You also need placeholders:  "Do you want to save changes to '%1' before
closing?" where %1 would be replaced by the filename or "Untitled" (which
would have to be a separate entry in the lookup table).

> (But Windows very nicely allows you to do _some_ localizing --
> all dates on my screen are now shown by default in Esperanto/Asian format
> -- which I expect everybody will adopt, sooner or later, since it's better
> than the American system for sorting by date -- and the default for A.M.
> and P.M. are now automatically the Esperanto atm and ptm. See the first
> line above.)

OK, I just checked the Regional Settings in the Control Panel so I see how I
can do this.  Cool!