Samuel Rivier wrote:

> for those of you who have yahoo there is a poll on the
> club, accessible at
> It is asking what your favorite auxlang is-
> I'd be really interested to see your opinions as
> myself a former esperantist turned interlinguist
> turned ro-ist (for about five seconds) turned
> lojbanist (and still kinda am) turned independent
> creator.
> I must say that I've noticed a lot of you like
> esperanto/Ido, but don't you think that a language
> founded on such eurocentric principles is a folly? Not
> to mention the fact that case declension is difficult
> for any new speaker, not just the ones who lack it
> natively.

It will all depend how you think you can spread your
language of choice - and how you imagine the world, of

If you think that there is enough common lexic and other
language material in a certain group of languages you man
choose Interlingua.

(This will not mean that you don't have to teach the
language, but it is to some extent adovating itself at
the very outset).

Every other type of language will need a strong
ogranization, a kind of philosophy. You will have to tell
others of its existence. Study it. Make up vocabularies.
All from scratch etc.

If you want to introduce a world language at once (and
not counting English) you will need a  v e r y  s t r o n
g  o r g a n i z a t i o n   and oceans of money.

Have your pick!