Je 05:10 ptm 2001.07.10 +0100, Daniel skribis
>Hi Donald,
>Perhaps I could use the prefix 'pan-' for males and 'man-' for females?
>Panino - boy
>Manino - girl
>What do you think?

I'm still a bit doubtful. In the first place, as an English speaker I find
"man-" to be a bit unlikely for females. But let's skip over that one ... ;<)

However, 'm' and 'p' as phonemes -- both bilabials -- are still way too
close together, IMHO. An improvement would be to keep your original vowels
along with these changes to the initial consonant. Another would be to
choose one of the initial consonants differently -- e.g. make sure one was
voiced and the other unvoiced, and at the same time make one a bilabial and
the other, say, a sibilant. There are various possibilities. Basically, you
just want to make sure that there's little chance of confusion. Often that
occurs through context; if "panino" meant "boy" and "manino" meant
"mountain", for instance, even a mishearing of one would probably not lead
to misunderstanding under any reasonable circumstances. But "boy" and
"girl" are, in many contexts, interchangeable, so the sounds should be less
conducive to a misunderstanding.


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