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>That is so cool!
>Is there much software available with Esperanto interfaces?  Things like
>text editors, word processors, PIMs, etc.

I've seen some, here and there, but not a lot. Best known is Simon Payne's
(PEJNO Simono's) "C^apelilo", a (fairly high-priced) word-processor for

Ultimately, properly written software (of which there is very little) will
take the _language_ of its interface out of a configuration file or
property list, which anybody who speaks language X can put together; so
(for example) MicroSoft word could have interfaces in English, French,
Chinese, Esperanto and Interlingua without any problems. Of course, it
doesn't. (*) (But Windows very nicely allows you to do _some_ localizing --
all dates on my screen are now shown by default in Esperanto/Asian format
-- which I expect everybody will adopt, sooner or later, since it's better
than the American system for sorting by date -- and the default for A.M.
and P.M. are now automatically the Esperanto atm and ptm. See the first
line above.)

You might take a look at There _might_ be
something in there about software in Esperanto -- I don't remember offhand.


(*) Weather Underground does this, which is how it got an Esperanto, and
later Ido, interface.


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