On 10 Jul 2001, at 12:25, David Strike wrote:

On Tuesday, July 10, 2001 10:17 AM, Chuck wrote:


Mike wrote:
> > Adding He to the mix will reduce the narcosis level, which
> > presumably would allow the diver to remain more alert and be able to
> > respond to the stimuli in a fashion significantly different from than if
> > they were "under the influence" so to speak.

> IF we assume that the narcotic gas is N2 and not O2.

Chuck... we don't have to assume that N2 is narcotic. I think many,
if not most of us here that dive have experienced it to some degree.
I also won't attempt to suggest that O2 is not narcotic to some
degree. I can however, based on personal experience state that
diving a He mix gas is less narcotic than the same dive on a non He

Mike Wallace
Huntsville, Alabama