Looking over your posts and realizing what you were meaning, yes it could
have possiblely been a combination of CO2 build up.  And we had discussed
that after the dive.  However, upping the HE has eliminated the problem, thus
it stands to reason that it was not a CO2 problem.

I have a tendancy to be slow and methodical in my diving.  I breath slowly
and exhale long.  I go slow, unless I am chasing a fish:)  And then I will
stop and slow down after I have caught it!  However, I don't spear below 140
or so, so, that is not a problem.

I also won't battle alot of current on a tech dive.  I see no sense to.  I am
there to have fun.  Needless to say, I call about one out of every three tech
dives, based on the current.

Too bad there is not some reefs within 150-200 foot in this area---I would
love to do a drift dive on something of that nature.

As a side note, we saw a Mola Mola(ocean sunfish) the other day, on the
Qualman Tugs.  I was not diving, was on the boat, and jumped in with
m,f,s......she came right up to me, and allowed me to touch her!  IT was

Also saw to spotted eagle rays in 30 foot of water yesterday!  That was tooo

Lots of lobster lately.  Can't wait to try my hand at catching some this year!

Gotta run, dogs to train, and diving to do.
Dog Training By Karla
Ft. Lauderdale. Fl