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Back from Cozumel (but still wish I was there.)  Saw an absolutely HUGE
aggregation of oceanic triggers.  Never seen this many in one place before.
As I commented earlier, they must have smelled NED festers in the water and
gone looking for you.

Hello Chuck,

I just got back from there also. Joe told me that he had contacted you to see
us and maybe dive with us but we never heard from you. I ASSUME Joe had tried
to contact you while we were there?

I also noticed huge schools of Ocean Triggers. Something I noticed on this
trip was that later in the afternoon when they move in to start finding a
place to sleep they become very aggressive to each other. I noticed that when
one is "challenged" the aggressor will change the color of the whole front of
his head and flash white at the invader. It's almost like a "war mask" look.
I also noticed this same behavior on the Doctorfish where his color change is
more dramatic.

Sorry we missed you Chuck. It was just a quick trip down and was badly needed.

Take care,