On Tuesday, July 10, 2001 12:55 PM, Chuck wrote:

> .> Chuck!  While I don't doubt your suggestion that oxygen plays a role in
> > narcosis factors - mainly 'cause, although I've heard this mentioned
> before,
> > I don't know the mechanics of it! <BWG> - I'm not altogether sure how a
> > person would remedy the situation in open-circuit diving! :-)

> Me either.  Not so long as there is a requirement that the diver survive.
> know!  We can put them all on Inspirations and then it wont matter.  They
> will all have heart attacks!

Any machine that 'asks' the user, at depth, whether they want to
re-calibrate the O2 sensors - as happened to a guy here in Sydney at, from
memory, about 50 metres, who fortunately, survived the experience! - has
some bugs that need to be ironed out!!!!  (And that's quite apart from
training issues!)

> Back from Cozumel (but still wish I was there.)  Saw an absolutely HUGE
> aggregation of oceanic triggers.  Never seen this many in one place
> As I commented earlier, they must have smelled NED festers in the water
> gone looking for you.

I though that the one we saw was HUGE!  How many more could their be?  :-)