For the natlang bit, here it is in Hindi:

agar phir mujhe pagaal kaha, to teri dusri aankh khaaungi.

I think.  I'm not a native speaker, so take it with a block of salt.

Lest I be remiss in providing a conlang, here it is in Nyo'fa, a
language I created specifically for scaring children.

pt_i pasksx fn 'unn, kosny_o ^u pucfb c_ix_u s~ga.

I tried to write an interlinar, but Nyo'fa conjugates verbs with infixes,
and I couldn't figure out how to show that.  It also shows the case of
nouns using infixes to the verb, something else that I'm sure there's
a nice way to illustrate, but I don't know it.

On Sat, Jul 21, 2001 at 02:49:10PM -0500, Dan Seriff wrote:
> Some of you may remember several months ago, when several people
> translated the phrase "If you call me insane again, I'll eat your other
> eye." (which was in my .sig file at the time) into their own languages.
> Well, I've finally gotten the time and motivation to webify it, and it's
> up! It's at
> "">. Check it
> out, and submit your traslations. Both natlangs and conlangs are
> welcome. In fact I'd love some more natlangs, because I've only got
> English, German, and Latin at the moment.
> Thanks!
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